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"Marc shreds it up on the creative side of things!!! He was the magic man at Mexx - always taking the creative vision and translating it quickly into marketing collateral that was clear and inspiring. The best thing about Marc is he picks up the scent early in the discussion so things move forward quickly! I highly recommend him for any creative endeavor!"

John Moore
Vice President Mexx

"Marc is a open minded visionair. If you talk to Marc, you talk to the world. He knows everything about mode and building a brand. It was a pleasure to work with him."

Jorg Snoeck
Founder Retail Detail, Author and Keynote Speaker

"Marc is a creative and detailed oriented manager, constructive in its business solutions with effective results, always within the predefined borders of budgets and deadlines."

Philippe Bogaert
Head of Global Sales at Bord de Mer

"Marc is a great and experienced creative who perfectly understands the needs of his clients. He's very strong in concept, copy and graphic design. For many projects our companies worked together and I'm very happy that I can rely on his expertise and qualities. And last but not least, we can trust upon everything agreed and don't need to worry about this!"

Maurice Dahan
Former Creative Director Mexx

"Marc is een man met visie, passie en is een heel creatieve persoonlijkheid. Ik heb Marc altijd bewonderd voor zijn enthousiasme en integriteit."

Frank Bekkers
CEO Mobile Vikings

Marc is een bijzonder man. Marc is een man uit één stuk: bekwaam, correct, veelzijdig, stipt, empatisch, luisterend én met een groot hart. Marc weet ook heel goed het evenwicht tussen rede en gevoel neer te zetten."

Juul Vanleysen

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